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The week from 22nd to 27th of June 2009 is's fourth collective meeting and session of research. worked in different spaces until now and has been moved by their different modalities of visibility and creation. The new place where we will be is in a Club. An empty space at the first floor of it, next to a restaurant and the buro, a living place in link with its activity (music and above all nocturnal). The situation gives the possibility to work all the day in a more confidential time but that can stay connected with people coming in, with the life around, and in the same time that can use the frequenting of this place.

Dot Club (Falckensteinstraße 47, U1 Schlesisches Tor) Several tools are now in construction; a mobile white box for interviews, a process of Dinner gathering people around a common table and discussion, and different works (as a scenario, performances, texts…) developed through meetings of spaces and people.
Since January 2009, the collective works in Berlin, in different spaces (the institute of philosophical research ICI, the old Kino in the Centre Français in Wedding, the art gallery “Visite ma tente”…), changing its forms depending on the tools offered by these places. Today will be in DOT club, from 22nd to 27th of June 2009, for its fourth collective session of work in progress. Public moment will be mixed with laboratory time during this week and doors will be open during DOT musical events.

3 Rendez-Vous:
*Thursday, 25th from 8 p.m with an open discussion gathering artists involved in the process and special guests followed at 9 p.m  by a “My Dinner with…” Performing and culinary event.
Let’ s have a strange dinner with the team, food, words and movie eye… (under reservation, 12 euros for dinner / send your name at
*Friday, 26th from 8.30 p.m ; Events #1 - a serie of performances in progress
(3 euros) at 22.30 p.m sounds with Aftermars
*Saturday, 27th from 8.30 p.m ; Events #2 - a serie of performances in progress (3 euros).









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